This Culture of greed is engaged in a War against the Family. This culture is deeply opposed to the very values that make families work:

This culture keeps working men and women too busy for family life

This culture keeps many working families too poor to supply the bare necessities of food, of health care, of clothing and medication, of time for connection and love.

This culture bombards families with toxic “entertainment” leading to cynicism and addiction to fear and violence.

This culture pushes toxins like mercury, lead, and fast foods creating epidemics of asthma, obesity, diabetes, learning disabilities and autism in our children.

This culture creates stress which denies families the opportunity for the connection, the sense of community, the opportunities for peace and love that are the birthright of all human beings.

The culture of greed buys off our politicians. It opposes all efforts to protect family life from its destructive influence.

This culture is at war with the very essence of family life. This is sin! This must be denounced and fought in our churches, and above all, in our legislatures.

We are engaged in a fight for our lives. We must join together to oppose the trillion dollar machine that is seeking to enslave us.

We must join in an effort to restore love, community, and soul to our lives and those of our children. We must create safe harbors to protect ourselves and those we love.